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Heavy Seas opens an office in STP

Heavy Seas opens in STP to improve the service they offer to their superyacht clients. 

Heavy Seas is a yacht refit and maintenance company based in STP Shipyard Mallorca that provides a wide range of yacht services for different sized yachts. STP Shipyard caters to yachts of up to 120 meters in length or 1,000 tonnes in weight and has an area of 130,000m2 for refit and repair. What was it that prompted HeavySeas to open their offices in STP Shipyard and how does it benefit them when carrying out their day-to-day marine services? 

What are the benefits of having an office in STP? 

First of all, it allows us to be close to our customers. Most of the boats we work on are located in and around STP so we are on hand should they need anything. 

What type of projects are you currently working on in STP? 

We can’t specifically name which boats we are working on at the moment due to confidentiality contracts but we are working on some really interesting projects. One particular project involves repairing a Volvo Penta engine onboard a large yacht ready for them to set sail for their Mediterranean season in May. 

Are there any challenges working in Mallorca, particularly STP? 

In all honesty, things are running pretty well on all of our projects. STP has a lot of the facilities we need to carry out our work and most of our suppliers and partners are nearby and willing to help us if we need them. 

 What is the Heavy Seas approach to each project? 

Our team is made up of a number of experts in each division that all pull together to get the job done. Our main goal when we take on a project is to bring your vision to life and make sure that everything is communicated from beginning to end. 

Have you noticed that there is more movement in the industry this year? 

After the last two years, we have noticed a huge increase in the number of boats coming into Palma and especially choosing to keep their boats here over the winter period. It has certainly been difficult for everybody but fortunately, we have had plenty of work to keep us busy throughout. The yachting industry is incredibly resilient. 

 What are the main services that boats have needed from Heavy Seas so far this year? 

As many of the boats have been in the yard for some time we have had a lot of requests for upholstery as a lot of the biminis and awnings have needed replacing. Also, changing the interior upholstery is an easy way to give the boat a new look and feel, so there have been a lot of requests for this before the season. Refrigeration is another one as a lot of the boats have not used their air conditioning for quite some time.  

Are there any fun projects that have stuck in your mind this season so far? 

We have recently repaired a huge slide for one of the superyachts that we are working on. This is fun for us as we know the fun the guests are going to have using it onboard. 

 And how about the most difficult? 

All of our projects are carried out by experts in their field so they aren’t normally too difficult for them. The most technical projects are the ones involving metalworks. We have all the latest, high-quality heavy machinery in our workshop but it is still one of the more involved services that we offer. 

Who can benefit from using Heavy Seas? 

Anyone in the industry. We have a 360 degree offering for our clients whether you are looking for marine design services, yacht care services or marine repair services, we have got you covered. 

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