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Heavy Seas “Quay” to Storage….

Like many businesses in Mallorca, the yachting industry revolves around a backbone of tourism; with fewer people taking holidays currently, we anticipate there will be a few changes as we move into the 20/21 winter season. Here at Heavy Seas we are always looking for a more sustainable future in the Industry, and one service we are able to offer will not only help reduce costs but also offer clients a much greener alternative that may not have been considered before – putting your Yacht into Storage when not in use.

It is no secret that running costs in the yachting industry can spin wildly out of control; for example, mooring in Mallorca, or more specifically the lack of affordable availability, means that some of the most expensive periods can occur when you are not even using your boat. The question arises, what can be done to not only maintain the sustainability of your vessel, but potentially lower your costs going forward? We have got the perfect solution for you….. put your yacht into storage with Heavy Seas!

A long standing Heavy Seas client is a perfect example of how efficient winter storage can be and how, in the long run, it can actually save you money. Based in the USA, this client travels to Mallorca once a year for a month vacation. Of course, owning a yacht is the perfect way to enjoy the diversity of the island, but it is an expensive hobby when you only use this expensive toy for such a small period of time. The added problem of available mooring in the SW becoming harder to find, and the cost of the boat secured for the remaining 11 months can work out extremely expensive, not to mention having someone look after it in case of inclement weather and keeping it clean.

So how does it work? Well when you have finished with your Yacht for the season or maybe at the end of your holiday, Heavy Seas will professionally collect and transport the vessel to our secure facility where it will be fully winterized to include removal of all the liquids from the engine including flushing the cooling systems with fresh water, removing the spark plugs, apply an anti corrosion spray to all the electrics & a full clean down of any salt and residue and cover your air filters with air tight plastic wrap. It is stored indoors and covered to keep it in good condition.

When you return to Mallorca, and give us the required notice, we will get your pride and joy back up and running like a well oiled machine (if you will pardon the pun!). All the required fluids will be replaced with care and precision and she will be good to go.

Another added bonus is that any scheduled maintenance or jobs that need attending to during the overwintering period can be taken care of, and you can relax, safe in the knowledge that your boat is in a safe pair of hands while you are far away. We will provide you with a full report of our checklist so you’re kept up to date with the condition of your yacht when it’s put into storage and any recommended maintenance that you should be made aware about. This will also enable you to maximise the next time you are in Mallorca using your yacht if anything does need doing before your next visit.

Safe winterization in a secure warehouse also eliminates factors such as antifoul treatment; one of the biggest causes of antifoul to get chewed up is when a boat sits in a dock unused. Keeping your boat in dry dock will keep the hull in the same condition as when you last used it, minimizing antifoul treatment.

If you are looking for a good alternative to mooring in Mallorca, contact Heavy Seas today – we can provide you with a free quotation for an excellent service to help save you money! Give us a call for more information on 674 28 56 58

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