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Marine Services

At Heavy Seas we are specialists in wide variety of yacht services for a full yacht refit or for regular maintenance work on your boat. Whether you’re looking for marine design services, yacht care services or marine repair services, we have got you covered. Through our 4 facilities located in Mallorca, we work with everything from superyachts to smaller boats to RIBs and inflatables.


Nautical mechanics and electrical services for your yacht. We work with any type of engine.


Interior and exterior marine upholstery services including floors, ceilings, sofas, covers, enclosures, awnings and biminis.

Industrial Refrigeration

Professional air conditioning and refrigeration installation, repair and maintenance.

RIBs & Inflatables

Repairs for RIBs and inflatable boats: patches, tubes reinstallation, accessory installation, anti-slip, treatment and rejuvenation. 

Composites & Fiberglass

Our certified marine technicians perform any type of repair and construction in fiberglass, gelcoat and other composites.

Antifouling & Paintwork

Professional painting, antifouling & polishing services for all types of hulls, fibre, wood, aluminium and more.


Maintenance and construction including welding, polishing and repairs for stainless steel, aluminium, iron and other metals.

Boat Storage

We offer boat storage of up to 16M, increasing the lifespan of your boat in a safe and secure location.

Custom Fabrications

Choose a customised solution to suit your needs, from thermal exhaust protection to custom fenders, storage elements and interior fittings. 

We are the official service and distributors of the following 5 brands: 


Official technical service

We are distributors and official technical service of these 3 prestigious brands of nautical accessories: