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Keeping within your comfort zone; Heavy Seas Yacht Upholstery

Finding refuge from the searing Mediterranean sun is essential whilst on board, so keeping your Awnings and Bimini in tip top condition is vital.

With everything that is going on in the world right now, many yachts still have work postponed from last winter and, as the finish line looms on the 2020 charter season…. are Awnings or Biminis still on your ‘To Do’ list?

If you are thinking about updating your yacht’s covers, Heavy Seas are the company to get the job completed on time and on budget! As we do all of the work in-house, rather than outsourcing to different suppliers, we can also update necessary changes to the metal structure and top hat sockets at the same time as we fix the awning.

Heavy Seas Marine Upholdstry Mallorca

Last minute changes and adjustments always occur when installing a new awning, but because our metal shop and upholstery factory work hand in hand, adjustments will not cause too much of a delay or affect the price we initially quoted.

From past experience, we know that for the captains out there, liaising with one company rather than multi has its advantages. Juggling jobs with a number of different suppliers almost inevitably affects timings and often impacts the upcoming season. By keeping the work under one umbrella, it is possible to shuffle any adjustments and not only keep the work on a strict timeline, but you have only one port of call to liaise with to get updates for both interior adjustments and exterior too!

The upholstery team at Heavy Seas try to cover as many different services as possible; in addition to your awning that may need repairing we can also produce bespoke covers for Tables, Chairs, Spa covers plus others.

When it comes to materials, we will fully investigate the functionality of these covers and provide you with the best material for both aesthetic appearance & longevity. The diverse weather conditions in the Med, like sand rain and blistering sunshine, means longevity is an important factor! Two popular materials we typically use are Stamoid & Sunbrella. Heavy seas will conduct a full appraisal to ensure you not only get the best service, but the right product too…

For cushions & mattresses we also have a variety of foams at our disposal. We have a wealth of experience when it comes to working with all different types of fabrics and you can be safe in the knowledge you are in good hands when you contract your work with our experienced team!

To learn more about our team, and get a quote for any upcoming work on your Yacht contact our team directly on 674 28 56 58

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