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A Healthy Bottom Line with Heavy Seas

Time drags when you are waiting for something good to happen, but the time in between anti fouling treatments passes in an instant. Anti-fouling is a necessary evil, which needs to be done regularly to keep things in tip top condition.

Mallorca is a nautical paradise, but the water temperature, salinity, level of sunlight and time spent in port does nothing to help the cause when it comes to subacquatic organisms attaching to the hull.

Antifouling has caused the greatest sea farers grief for centuries. It affects performance and causes corrosion. In days of yore, they used to tip the ship on its side, light a fire under the hull, scrape off the old and then reapply pitch, tar or maybe whale grease!

Over the centuries numerous different antifouling methods were favoured – metal sheathing, lead, cuprous oxide and other toxic chemicals. Each new method brought with it a bucket of problems for the oceans and marine life. In the 21st century, we are acutely aware of eco issues, we know better and something had to be done

Some great research and studies into marine life and how bio fouling occurs were carried out resulting in some award winning, eco-friendlier products.  Heavy Seas are proud to have these products available for our clients!

Working together with our Official Partner, Port Calanova, we can offer our clients competitive prices on anti-fouling treatments up to 28M.   The advantage we have as a multi skilled company is whilst your valuable boat is in dry dock, we can also be attending to other demanding issues such as carpentry, engine issues, gel coat repairs, polishing or a general spruce up, killing two birds with one stone, saving both time and money. 

For further information please contact: Neil on 674 28 56 58

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