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Winter Boat Storage at Heavy Seas

Winter Boat Storage in Majorca

Advantages of winterizing your boat in winter.

Throughout our career, we have met captains and various boating professionals who believe that winterizing boats is not a priority or a necessity, since they are able to take care of everything themselves during the winter.

But for most, the reality is different, since they do not dedicate all the time that is necessary to do it well, or they do not have the necessary material or facilities. The result is a much larger investment to get your boat ready before starting the new season.

At Heavy Seas, we want to highlight as experts in the sector, that winter storage is not a simple recommendation that we make, but the smartest investment you can make.

Reasons to Winterize your yacht without thinking twice:

-Corrosion protection:

Keeping the boat exposed to humidity and inactivity for many months contributes to accelerating the corrosion of vital parts such as engines, propellers, the hull and support structures. By winterizing your boat, you also avoid corrosion by electrolysis.

-Taking care of the fuel system:

With winter storage we take care of treating and stabilizing the fuel to prevent degradation and the formation of sediments in the system.

-Protection from external elements:

Keeping your boat in a covered place allows the covers, lids, bearings and other components to be protected from rain, V-rays and different environmental factors that would wear them out quickly.

-Protection of internal components:

In addition to protecting mechanical and structural components, winter storage also includes taking care of the interior with deep cleaning, mould and moisture prevention, and checking that there is no left-over food or elements that may attract pests.

-Load maintenance:

It is the ideal time to carry out inspections and carry out the necessary maintenance of the electrical, hydraulic, wiring and engine systems recommended by the manufacturer or any other critical component.

In addition, at Heavy Seas we are an official service for Volvo Penta, Mercury and Yanmar, so we take into account the periodic maintenance of the engine based on the information provided by each manufacturer.

All this, although it may seem like an additional expense, constitutes savings in the long term. Avoid costly unexpected expenses and prolong the useful life of your boat.

If you need more information about the Wintering of boats in Mallorca, contact us without need for any commitment.

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