Our metalworks division has over 60 years of combined experience of working within the marine sector. Specializing in stainless steel, copper nickel, alluminium and steel, delrin, teflon and perspex. We can design from new or repair and alter to all your specifications on time and on budget.

Specializing in rebuilding of exhausts, biminis, handrails, engine room flooring and fittings, including installation.

We can offer a complete service including design and fabrication, modifications and repairs including machining. Works include:

  • Engine room refits, piping, flooring and fittings.
  • Fabrication and repair of exhausts, including cladding and insulation.
  • Design and manufacture of biminis and handrails.
  • Special fittings.

Metalworks workshop: Located at C/ Gremi Fusters, 24 Nave E 07009 in Son Castello, Palma. It’s equipped with heavy machinery to carry welding works, lathe, milling, cutting and folding. Prepared to work with all kinds of metals used in the sector.