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    Marine services

    Antifouling & Paintwork

    Professional painting and antifouling services for all types of hulls, fibre, wood, aluminium and more.

    Antifouling, Paintwork & Polishing

    Heavy Seas specialises in the application of Antifouling, Paintwork & Polishing for all types of boats across the Balearic Islands. As the hull of a boat is exposed to the water for long periods of time, it should be protected with marine antifouling paint to prevent long-term, often costly issues. 

    Using only top brand materials that have less of an effect on the environment, our skilled team works hard to ensure that every paint job is carried out thoroughly and professionally, whether it is a full paint job, slip painting, yacht deck painting or varnishing on-board. We work with our clients during their yard periods to clean and maintain their boats so that they are ready to use for whichever time of the year they decide to take to the water. Whatever type of boat paint or cleaning materials are required, we will source the best quality products from our extensive network of industry professionals. 

    In order to ensure that our clients’ boats are as protected as possible, we offer treatments against hydrolysis of the fiber (also known as osmosis) by completely repairing the hull and making sure that it does not deteriorate over time. 

    Osmosis hull treatment

    At Heavy Seas, our technicians specialise in the treatment of fiberglass and gelcoat and can offer advice on the best way to protect the hull from hydrolysis and other issues that can arise. Depending on the condition of the hull, our team will use a combination of brushing or blasting techniques, will wash and dry the hull and apply the necessary resins, primers and marine antifouling paint. We have access to all of the major ports across the islands which allows us to carry out all of our work under the right conditions to guarantee that humidity and temperature fluctuations do not hinder the antifouling process.