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    Marine services

    Composites and Fiberglass

    Our certified marine technicians perform any type of repair and construction in fiberglass, gelcoat and other composites.

    Composites and Fiberglass services

    The expert team at Heavy Seas works with composite boat building materials such as fiberglass, carbon fiber, gelcoat and other composites that are commonly used for repairs to dents and cracks or fabrication of completely new elements for some of the most exclusive yachts in the Balearic Islands and around the Mediterranean. Over the last decade, we have worked with a large number of clients to undertake some very specialised composite projects with top carbon fiber manufacturers and suppliers. 

    Whether it is a simple job such as supplying or repairing a set of yacht steps or a more involved project during the refit and repair period in the yard our team are available to ensure that every project is completed to the highest standard. As over 90% of all hulls built for modern boats are made, at least in part, using custom marine composites, we use the latest technology for our projects as well as the highest quality products and supplies on the market. The use of composites made by the top carbon fiber manufacturers guarantees additional strength, durability, thermal stability, improved moisture stability and low weight and low mass. 

    Our team works hard to ensure a highly professional finish with a focus on matching the colours on board and ensuring that surfaces are bright and polished before they leave. We use composites on the rig, deck, the interior, the engine room, the hull and the keel and rudder as well as providing fiberglass supplies and stainless-steel works. 

    In Mallorca, custom marine services are plentiful but few offer a 360-degree service such as the service offered by Heavy Seas. We work with our clients throughout the entire project to ensure that all of their needs are met, that deadlines are stuck to and that the best results are achieved.