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Special Fabrications 

Aside from the standard upholstery for covers and accessories that we offer, here at Heavy Seas, we carry out special fabrications such as fender hooks, custom furniture, leatherwork, thermal exhaust covers with ceramic blankets, other accessories, and items designed to protect and defend any type of boat.

Every aspect of the boat needs to be looked after and not everything that is required can be bought from a catalogue, or indeed sourced in Mallorca or around the Balearic Islands. This is why we specialise in making these special fabrications that can be added to any boat, of any size, anywhere. 

Our talented experts are highly capable and can put their extensive experience and expertise in the marine industry to good use to custom design and make various special fabrications. We have worked on numerous different projects over the years and pride ourselves on our reputation of adaptability and professionalism. 

Another useful special fabrication that we often work on is the design and building of bespoke storage solutions on board to help store supplies, luggage and spare parts safely and securely. This allows owners and captains to capitalise on the remaining space and make it visually appealing with upholstery and design touches. It also ensures that health and safety policies are adhered to on the boat as things often dislodge when at sail. 

No job is too big or too small for Heavy Seas and our team will gladly offer advice and solutions at any of the ports in Mallorca or around the Balearic Islands. Measurements can be taken on board and your needs can be assessed there and then. Contact us for a bespoke consultation and let us know how we can help you. 

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