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As yachts increase in size around the world, so does the demand for durable, attractive and bespoke yacht flooring. Heavy Seas has been installing yacht flooring to complement yacht interiors for over a decade and have built an unbeatable reputation in the marine industry for yacht carpet installation on boats of all sizes.  We offer a complete service from consultation to installation including all underlay, edging and fitting. 

Carpeting is used to provide comfort, muffle sound and to add the finishing touch to interior spaces and cabins as well as blend with the interior décor. Carpet also provides a non-slip surface on-board, adds extra warmth and insulation to the cabins during the colder months, and softens any impact should a person or an object fall. 

Hard-surface flooring, vinyl and specialty flooring is also popular on board yachts often times using various combinations for a more unique design. While not as soft as carpeting these options provide a more durable option that is easier to keep clean.

Another popular type of flooring incorporates both carpet and wood to soften the transition from the walls to the floor and frame the carpet, especially if a particular colour palette needs to be highlighted. 

Our expert team is always available to suggest where best to install the appropriate flooring on board to keep with the style of the yacht’s interior and what will work best for the daily use of the area. Our highly skilled installation crew provide yacht carpet installations that are cost-effective using the highest quality materials and will happily meet you on board at any port in Mallorca or around the Balearic Islands to provide a consultation. 


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