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Castoldi Qualified Service 

Thanks to our extensive experience of over a decade in the marine industry and the confidence in our brand, Heavy Seas are delighted to have been named as a Quality Service for the prestigious Italian brand, Castoldi. As a listed distributor, we are on hand to source, supply and deliver Castoldi Jet Tenders and Castoldi Waterjets as well as assist with any necessary repairs, warranty issues or revision of the equipment, including their Yanmar engines 

Castoldi holds the reputation around the world as the innovator of the waterjet propulsion system. Until the company stepped forward as the leader in their field, waterjets were often considered difficult to manoeuvre and inefficient. Thanks to extensive research that dates back as far as 1962, Castoldi were able to revolutionise these concepts using the most cutting-edge technology that last longer and are easier to maintain. 

The Castoldi Jet Tenders are inboard and waterjet driven rigid inflatable boats that are invaluable, and often mandatory on board many boats. The Castoldi Waterjets are essentially a waterjet drive which is like an aircraft turbojet with the difference that the operating fluid is water instead of air. 

Each of these Castoldi Waterjets and Castoldi Jet Tenders requires their own form of maintenance and here at Heavy Seas we can assist with any other works including fiberglass, teak finishing, Hypalon, electrics, upholstery and awnings that you may require. 

Heavy Seas work all over Mallorca and the Balearic Islands on boats of different sizes and have over ten years’ experience working with refit and repair, upholstery and many other services. As a Quality Service for Castoldi, we can visit boats in any of the ports around the islands and offer our expert advice on the best solutions in the market from Castoldi’s extensive catalogue of complete Castoldi Waterjets or Castoldi Water Tenders or the parts that may be required. 

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