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A stylish yacht enclosure can make use of space on board that is otherwise difficult to use all year round due to the weather. At Heavy Seas we specialise in all kinds of enclosures including sprayhoods, campers, privacy curtains and lots more. We work with Strataglass, PVC and grill screens and our experienced expert team can explain which is the best solution for your boat. 

We offer a range of different enclosures from mesh screens to full enclosures. A mesh screen is ideal for smaller boats as they are extremely lightweight, offer optimum ventilation and can be easily removed and stored although they provide very little protection from the elements. A windshield is an ideal solution for middle-sized boats although they do not fully enclose the deck. They are designed to protect against the wind and are normally made from vinyl, acrylic or polycarbonate. A partial enclosure is a great option for yachts that are looking to create an area on the boat that offers space to relax and still enjoy a breeze without being fully enclosed. These enclosures are usually made with a mix of vinyl, acrylic and polycarbonate. A full enclosure offers the most protection and can be used as an extension of the boat’s interior. These enclosures are usually made with transparent materials and a rigid frame as a more permanent structure that is not as easy to remove and store. 

At Heavy Seas we recommend that before deciding on a yacht canvas enclosure or yacht enclosure of any type, have a look at other boats around the marina to decide how best to capitalise on the space on board. Having worked in the yachting industry for over a decade, our team will be happy to advise which solution would work best for you by referring to the numerous jobs that they have undertaken over the years. 

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