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Yacht bimini design

Yacht biminies and awnings are essential to the overall comfort of the guests on board a boat as the 300 days of sunshine in the Balearic Islands, whilst very welcome most of the time, can become too much. At Heavy Seas we specialise in yacht bimini design and manufacture all kinds of biminies and awnings for boats of all sizes and, thanks to the upholstery and metalworks services that we offer, our expert team can provide a complete solution that includes the structure, the fixtures and fittings and the canvas. 

We understand that choosing the wrong type of fabric can often lead to problems during sailing and end up damaging the boat, so we work hard to ensure that all our clients have all the information about the extensive range of fabrics that we supply. Each yacht bimini or awning is custom built to ensure that it fits perfectly and is in keeping with the overall look and feel of the boat. Heavy Seas will also supply all of the ropes, bolts and fastenings to ensure that the bimini or awning stays in place for peace of mind on board. 

Available in a wide range of colours, styles and sizes, we will visit any boat in Palma and the Balearic Islands and measure and fit the perfect bimini or awning as quickly as possible. Our talented and dedicated team are also on hand for any necessary repairs on existing installations as over time, biminies and awnings can pool and sag due to wind and rain damage. For new installations, we strive to fit the awning or bimini in such a way that this does not happen and we use only the highest quality fabrics and canvas. No matter what is required, Heavy Seas will offer a professional, efficient and thorough service for all of your yachting needs. 

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