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Yanmar Qualified Service  

Thanks to over ten years’ experience in the marine industry in Mallorca and the Balearic Islands and the background of our teams, Heavy Seas is listed as a Qualified Service for Yanmar. This means that we are fully prepared to meet any requirements for your Yanmar engine when it comes to sourcing Yanmar parts for all types of vessels. 

As a part of the Yanmar network, we can give you the best advice and support in all matters related to your Yanmar marine diesel engine. We can also assist you in your repowering project with the expert guidance of our qualified installers and supply all the spare parts you may need. 

With over 100 years’ experience in diesel innovation and 75 years working in the marine technology sector, Yanmar has successfully been making purpose built recreational marine engines for over 50 years. Heavy Seas is proud to work with a company with such a reputation around the world for setting the standard in sailboat and small craft propulsion.  

Yanmar engine parts are known for their superior quality and for using the latest in cutting-edge technology and, most importantly, the Yanmar engine is made using the most sustainable solutions possible – all of which are key values and attributes that are shared by Heavy Seas. 

For any vessel with a Yanmar engine on board that needs replacing, Heavy Seas can ensure that the correct one is sourced to fit on any type of boat of any size. If it is just Yanmar engine parts that are required, we will source, deliver and fit these parts on board at any port in Mallorca or around the Balearic Islands. Our expert team are available to work with you to identify what is required and as we are listed was as a Quality Service for Yanmar, will ensure that your request is received and dealt with efficiently. 

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