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Humphree qualified service   

With over a decade of experience behind us and a reputation for reliability, professionalism and efficiency in Mallorca and the Balearic Islands, Heavy Seas are proud to be listed as a Qualified Service with Humphree. This means that we are fully prepared to meet any requirements for your Humphree equipment for all types of vessels. 

Humphree are leading industry professionals that engineer and manufacture marine stabilisation systems for the naval, commercial and yachting industries. The Humphree interceptor is a modern high-performance replacement for any other trim system onboard vessels of different sizes. This equipment is designed and manufactured to deliver world-class quality and reliability and is a combination of responsive actuated interceptors, stabilising fins and Humpree Active Ride control. 

The Humphree interceptor is compact and robust which means it is less likely to get damaged in the event of an impact, it is resistant to corrosion and lightweight making it easier to cut through the water with its adjustable blade. It also allows vessels to move faster, accelerate better and makes them easier to control thanks to its innovative design. 

Humphree also manufactures fins that are a cost-effective solution packed with extra power for a variety of different types of boats. These fins are 24V DC powered which allows them to be operated without a Genset engine and the design means that they reduce noise, fuel consumption and overall wear. Crew and guests will notice a smoother ride and fewer roll and pitch motions whilst sailing thanks to their unique design. 

Being listed as a Quality Service for Humphree means that Heavy Seas have access to these sophisticated systems and the know-how and means to install, repair or replace them in and around Mallorca and the Balearic Islands. Our team of qualified professionals will be able to advise you which systems are best for you, install them in port, and provide the training to use them onboard. 


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