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Full Refit  

Yacht refit and repair for any boat can be a stressful time of the season with so many things to worry about but at Heavy Seas we pride ourselves on taking all of this stress away for owners and captains by making sure that everything runs as smoothly as possible. From upholstery to carpentry, painting to metalwork, we are there with you throughout the whole process. 

Whether it is a complete refit of the interior, an overhaul of the exterior or just some minor work on board that needs to be carried out, our expert team will work with you to explore all of the available options and oversee everything including the budget and will advise which suppliers and marine professionals to use if it is something that we do not do in-house. 

Painting and finishing of the exterior, interior painting and decorating, furniture repair and upgrades, varnishing wood, polishing metal, upholstery and wrapping are just some of the services that we offer. 

The most important part of the yacht refit and repair process is to have the concept and vision nailed down before the project gets underway and to make sure that all regulations are adhered to, both in the Port Authority and in terms of health and safety. With over ten years of experience in yacht refit in Mallorca and around the Balearic Islands, we know what is required to meet all of these regulations and requirements. We also understand the simplest way to achieve the concept and vision of the owner or Captain and our team will work to ensure that the project stays within budget and is delivered on time. 

With some of the largest ports in the Mediterranean on our doorstep, all yacht refit and repair can be carried out here on the island thanks to the latest technologies that are readily available in these ports. Contact us and we will happily meet with you anywhere on the island to discuss your upcoming project.  

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