Heavy Seas are happy to announce that we are able to offer our customers the new Humphree Interceptor System. This replacement of trim tabs, offers a Trim and Stabilization system combined, which can easily be operated from the control panel via manual control or with optional enhanced functions.

This system is designed for the following advantages ;

  • – Significant fuel saving
  • – Increased top end speed
  • – Improved engine efficiency & performance
  • – A more comfortable ride
  • – Smoother turning with a better turn radius

Accelerating and operating at different speeds means that the boat will run at various trim angles. In many situations this results in a poor trim angle, high resistance, bad visibility and reduced comfort. The Auto Trim Control makes sure that the boat trims perfectly at all speeds, thereby reducing fuel consumption and environmental impact. The operator can manually override the auto functions at any time if they choose.

Uneven loading, cross winds and varying conditions will normally cause the boat to list. When running in a straight course, Automatic List Control will correct the boat list to a preset target list angle, usually zero degrees. This can be changed by the operator to in-tentionally list the boat. When the boat enters a turn the system will allow the boat to heel naturally during the turn and once the boat has left the turn the system will continue to correct the boat to the preset target list angle.

Most applications, on-board comfort and safety when turning can be significantly improved by correcting the boat heel angle through the turn. The Coordinated Turn Control monitors the rudder position and the interceptor blade is coordinated with rudder movement during turns. On top of greatly improved comfort, the boat will better maintain speed during the turn and a tighter turn can also be achieved.

When in the open sea, boats are constantly exposed to waves which cause roll and pitch motions resulting in poor comfort on board. With Humphree Active Stabilisation, and thanks to our ultra fast servo motors, the interceptors are instantly actuated to counteract undesired motions.

CP502 Control Panel on lower helm and fly!

CP502 is our new and advanced control panel – very easy to use – with a large colour display which is sunlight readable and therefore also suitable for outdoor installation, such as the flybridge. The control panel can change between day- and night mode and user se-lectable colour themes. CP502 is NMEA2000 certified which makes many installations easier. For service and support the control panel has an integrated Wi-Fi access point that enables remote access via your Internet connected device such as a mobile phone or computer.

RCU Active Stabilisation control unit with gyro

The ACTIVE Stabilisation includes an advanced RCU (Ride Control Unit), which uses a digital controller with adaptive control algorithms and an advanced sensor package con-sisting of GPS, gyro and accelerometers. The combination of responsive, electrically ac-tuated, large stroke interceptors and a sophisticated control system provides effective stabilisation for any size boat operating at semi planing and planing speeds. Easy opera-ted by the user-friendly control panel. Using interceptor trim tabs for stabilisation is ex-tremely efficient since there is no added resistance or added weight to consider. This is unique among marine stabilisation systems.



  • Interceptor drag is 25% less than for trim tab.
  • The center of lift is moved aft by 35% with interceptor
  • Provides larger lifting moment

Humphree Advantages

  • Robust equipment that can be fitted to almost every boat
  • Custom shape possible
  • Extremely fast servo units & response time
  • Reliable system for commercial use (Hardware & Software)
  • Well positioned in the market with superb software options
  • Well price positioned for different segments (X,H,HE,HLS series)
  • Supporting Distributors / Centers
  • Well established brand name