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Guardianage service in Mallorca

Guardianage and maintenance boat service in Mallorca!

Owning a boat and keeping it in top condition year after year requires a lot of work and a lot of invested hours. Being persistent and meticulous is the key to successfully making sure your boat looks impeccable and in optimal condition for its next outing at sea. But we know that not all of you have the time needed to spend checking and performing the maintenance tasks that your boat requires every week.

For this reason, at Heavy Seas, we offer a guardianage or service. We have 3 packages so you can choose the one that best suits your needs and those of your boat. All of them have storm watch and weekly and monthly reviews. In addition, for your peace of mind, we send you reports, photos, videos and even organize video calls so that you are up to date on the state of your boat.

These are the 3 packages you can choose from:

-Basic Guardianage:

In this package, we carry out weekly checks on ropes, moorings, canvas and walkways. Also, bilges, bilge pumps, grounding, batteries and interior ventilation.

Monthly, we carry out washing and suede work, in addition, we start up the main engines, the generator and the other systems. We also check the effectiveness of the valves.

-Standard Guardianage:

In addition to performing the same weekly tasks as in the basic package, in the standard, the tasks of washing and drying using chamois, starting the main engine(s), the generator, the systems and checking the functionality of the sea valves, are carried out 2 times per month. And once a year, we check the expiration date on the safety equipment and clean the bumpers.

-Premium Guardianage:

This package consists of a weekly review of ropes, moorings, fenders and gangways, as well as bilges and bilge pumps, grounding, batteries and interior ventilation. Washing and drying with chamois is also carried out weekly.

On the other hand, 2 times a month we start up the engine(s) of the boat, the generator, the systems and check the operation of the valves. In addition, once a year, we check the expiration date of the safety equipment, clean the fenders and auxiliary boats.

If you have a sailboat, you will be interested to know that we also have a special maintenance service, in which we include platform cleaning, rigging polishing, checking and adjusting the steering system, removing the sail and packing it back up as well as releasing the rigging during the winter and adjusting it for the season.

In addition, we also offer all additional winter maintenance services beyond what we have mentioned as we are a nautical company that offers a comprehensive service. For this reason, before making a decision, we also want to inform you about our boat winter storage service in Mallorca.

We take care of and watch over your boat as if it was our own because your satisfaction is our guarantee of success. Get in touch with us and discover our rates without commitment. We are professional experts with extensive experience behind us, your boat will be in the best hands!

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