Heavy Seas’ “Quay” to Storage….

Like many businesses in Mallorca, the yachting industry revolves around a backbone of tourism; with fewer people taking holidays currently, we anticipate there will be a few changes as we move into the 20/21 winter season. Here at Heavy Seas we are always looking for a more sustainable future in the Industry, and one service [...]

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‘Keeping within your comfort zone; Heavy Seas Yacht Upholstery’

Finding refuge from the searing Mediterranean sun is essential whilst on board, so keeping your Awnings and Bimini in tip top condition is vital. With everything that is going on in the world right now, many yachts still have work postponed from last winter and, as the finish line looms on the 2020 charter [...]

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A Healthy Bottom Line with Heavy Seas

Time drags when you are waiting for something good to happen, but the time in between anti fouling treatments passes in an instant.  Anti-fouling is a necessary evil, which needs to be done regularly to keep things in tip top condition.  Mallorca is a nautical paradise, but the water temperature, salinity, level of sunlight [...]

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