A new virtual fair in the industry taking place in October 2020

This year we have seen some of the biggest impacts in the market. How do you think The Balearics have been affected by the pandemic compared to other places?

The restrictions of movement and the effects that have taken place worldwide and in The Balearic Islands have been enormous, causing a drastic decrease in all activities related to the industry.

This situation, along with the uncertainty generated has created a huge impact in the industry; cancellation and delays in scheduled repair and maintenance, the decline of charter activity and fewer sales and distribution of nautical products. However, we are confident that the sector will recover in the second half of the year and that the season will be extended.

How have The Balearic Islands and the nautical companies here adapted to the change?

The Balearic Islands have adapted quickly to the changes we’ve seen this year and taken on the responsibility to control the situation as best as we can. Nautical companies and their employees are aware of the situation and have started to apply new health and safety policies to minimise the possible impacts.

What advantages do the Balearic Islands have compared to other places?

The Balearic Islands are a leading, consolidated tourist destination with sufficient resources and infrastructure to be able to recover activity with all the necessary security measures in place. The Government, associations and companies in the nautical sector are using all the necessary measures to guarantee and promote the Balearic Islands as a safe destination.

We heard you are creating a new online platform for the nautical industry which will be live for 365 days, what do you want to achieve with this?

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